Demon Slayer Crocs for all hashira

you got the Demon Slayer Crocs from Foot Locker got them right here my friend Caleb that makes collaboration content got the new Demon Slayer Crocs before they were even released I’m a big fan of Crocs and I just started watching Demon Slayer so I had to check this one out so we’re going to take a

Demon Slayer Crocs for all hashira

Demon Slayer Crocs

look at all four pairs in detail they come in a custom Demon Slayer box the first one the pink one is the nezo Crocs something custom about these is the muzzled towards the top of the upper you don’t normally see

Who is the most Power full in demon slayer

Demon Slayer Crocs for all hashira

this on the classic clog of course next up the blue ones are Theos these ones have a really cool band and actually under the band is like a fur the Demon Slayer logo on the band is also a nice touch and these are

Demon Slayer Crocs for all hashira

on the allterrain style of Crocs so something a little different next up the greenish ones is the tanero also very cool these ones are on the echo style Croc which I’ve never tried before put these ones on the feet and they’re very comfortable so maybe give these a shot if you’ve never tried

All Types of Demon Slayer Crocs

the echo style and last but not least the orange zenitsu Crocs again in the allterrain style here’s a quick look at the sols to compare the allterrain Echo and classic Crocs also a detailed look of each so we can see what jbits are included if you want to get your hands on these download the Foot Locker app go through

the steps and that will give you the best shot if not you can follow the public release at New York City ComicCon and be available to purchase these on October 18th shout out to Caleb Foot

Demon Slayer

Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

Locker Crocs Jordan everyone involved it was super cool to see these before release and hopefully this info helps you decide which ones you want and be able to snag a pair when they’re [Music] released

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