Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1: What to Expect

The fourth season of Demon Slayer will adapt the hashida training art this Arc begins in chapter 128 of the manga showing tanjiro talking to akakshi called goto in the butterfly Mansion during the conversation they discussed the situation of the blacksmith’s Village although the losses were minimal after an attack

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

by two Superior moons it becomes clear that the blacksmiths need to change their location to avoid future Knight attacks by demons tanjiro was unconscious for seven days and was still recovering from the injuries he suffered

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

in the blacksmiths Village while the pillars mitsuri and tokito rested for just two days and recovered completely goto asks tanzuro about nezuko’s condition and he replies that his sister can now survive in sunlight and that this new ability was being investigated will she be human again or become a demon

altogether that was the big question in another Scene zanitsu goes to where nezuko is and lets out a cry of Joy when he sees her his happiness increases even more when she welcomes him but his Joy turns to anger and

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disappointment when nezuko says welcome inosuke for this was the only name she could memorize switching scenes again the pillars gather for an emerge agency meeting and sanami expresses that he is jealous that they haven’t encountered any of the upper moons but obanai explains that it is rare for

people to come across upper moons and asks mitsuri and tokito if they are all right the love pillar replies that she’s fine while the pillar of mist mentions that she hasn’t fully recovered yet and at that moment himejima appears and points

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1: What to Expect

out that it would be problematic to lose pillars and says that defending two Superior moons without suffering significant losses is a very Noble thing after this shinobu proved to be impressed by the quick recovery of mitsuri and tokito and when tomiyoka was about to speak amane ubayashiki arrives at the

scene explaining that he will conduct the meeting because kagaya was very ill adahashida turned their attention to amane and she Begins the meeting by discussing nezuko’s condition she says that the final battle is

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approaching because now that nezuko has mastered the sun muzan will change his goals and will pursue it after that they start a discussion about the strange marks that have emerged in mitsuri and muichiro amane clarifies what these marks represent explaining that these are the same marks that many of their

early demon Hunters who came close to defeating muzon also possessed she also raises the question of the conditions for activating these marks the pillars were puzzled as to why this important information was being kept secret and so

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1: What to Expect

Amani clarifies that this Mark has become a kind of Legend among the demon hunters and that this information has never been documented anywhere specific she also adds that when someone is born

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

with this Mark or awakens it the mark can spread to other hunters and the first user of the mark in the current ERA was tanjido kamado but when they went to ask him tanjiro couldn’t provide a clear answer about how he was feeling when he used the mark so they decided to ask mitsuri and tokito mitsuri gives a vague answer and ends up feeling ashamed

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

okito on the other hand is willing to explain precisely how he got the mark he explains that the mark appeared on him when he was facing a life-threatening situation with his heartbreak reaching 200 beats

per minute and his body temperature reaching 39 degrees Celsius shinobu was impressed to hear tokito’s explanation as the chances of a person dying if they fought in these conditions was enormous Amani questions tokito about the veracity of this information and he confirms that it is accurate it and then sanami suggests that the

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process is quite simple the tomioka contradicts him claiming that sanemi is being naive tomyoka’s words make the windpillar very angry shinobu then comments that the main goal is now to make the mark appear on the other hunters and amane leaves after establishing that they would have marked training

and that anybody who already obtained the mark would be obliged to take apart immediately after amane leaves homioka prepares to leave but sanemi stops him suggesting that they should come up with a plan but tomioko

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

replies that he can discuss this with others because he had nothing to do with it obanai however disagrees with tomioka and asks him if he doesn’t understand his responsibilities as a pillar but despite this tomioka continues to advance towards the exit and at that moment jinobu asks the water pillar to

explain the situation better but tomioka only replies that it’s different from them this makes sanemi even more angry and then mitsudi tries unsuccessfully to calm the situation and just as senemi was about to attack tomioka himejima the

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

strongest pillar slaps his hands together putting pressure on everyone in the room and says that everyone should sit down because he has a plan to share meanwhile at the butterfly Mansion tanjiro meets up with hakanazuka who hands him his new sword with the pommel that belonged to rengoku

when tanjiro draws the sword from the Scabbard he notices that it has different intensity as the sword was forged by an unknown blacksmith centuries ago tanjiro and Hagen Azuka talk a little and then the blacksmith leaves but the noise ends up

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disturbing Guinea’s sleep and he exclaims that tanjiro and his guests are very noisy and when tanjiro starts to apologize inosuke enters the room breaking the window and says that a training of all demon

hunters will begin and so hashida training begins normally the pillars only train their successors because they were constantly busy protecting their regions gathering information about demons and improving their skills however since nezuko managed to survive in the Sun the demons have reduced their activity considerably

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and because of this the pillars only had to patrol at night and during the day they could concentrate quietly on training the hunters due to his injuries tanjiro was left out the first few days of training and zanitsu exhausted bends to him that training is a living hell and that he hates whoever ever came up with

the idea but tanziro argues that facing stronger opponents could help him improve his skills these words makes zanitsu very angry when he remembers that while he trains hard all day kanjiro lies in bed all day doing

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

nothing trying to call him his friend down a little tanzido expresses his gratitude to zanitsu for having taught him the basics of Thunder breathing and this makes zinitsu a little happy and he leaves and soon after a raven appears at the scene and delivers a letter from kagaya to tanjiro regarding training it works

as follows the hunters start by training with uzui with the aim of strengthening their stamina next they dedicate themselves to flexibility exercises led by mitsudi then they focus on Fast movement training under the

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

guidance of tokito after this the hunters home their sword skills under the tutelage of obanai then they undergo body strengthening training led by sonemi and finally the hunters face rigorous muscle strengthening training under the tutelage of himejima both the pillars and the normal hunters will

improve with each other the aim of the training is to get anyone’s temperature and heart rate high enough to make the mark appear which is beneficial for everyone and though those who already have the mark trains to remain in the

marked State this information motivated and inspired everyone to prepare for the next fight except for one person the water pillar tomioka tanjiru goes to tomiyoga and asks him to train him but tomioka refuses the request in tanjiro smelling the anger in the air asks the water pillar why he’s angry and

tomioka reveals that he’s angry because tanjito hasn’t mastered water breathing and tanjiro explains that the water breathing is very basic so it’s normal for people to change their breathing or

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

  • create derivations but tomioka explains that this is not what he is talking about and says that the post of water pillar is vacant and needs to be filled this leaves tanjito confused and he asks tomioka if he himself is not the water pillar and after answering no tomioka leaves and after that tanjito remembers kagaya’s
  • words asking him to have a serious talk with tomioka kagiya wanted everyone to work together at this important moment and for tomioka to stop turning his back on the demon hunters and move forward with them so despite

  • being constantly ignored tanzido continued talking to tomioga non-stop for several days in a row and until the fourth day tomioka gave in and told tanziro the truth he says he never passed the final selection test and tells us about sabito a boy who saved him during the test and ended up dying and then he asks how a human who didn’t kill any demons and was rescued could say he passed the test and faced with this sad story tanjiro is deeply touched and before leaving tomioka says that tanjito should go and train and he says

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that he tomyoka is not capable of Awakening the mark but that sabito probably could in his thoughts tanjiro understands tomioka’s feelings ringoku sacrificed himself to protect him and tanjiro often wondered if it wouldn’t have been better if he had died instead of Rin Goku and Goku was an amazing

person possessed a great strength and could have been the one who would defeat muzon in the future however panjito also recalls that rengoku trusted him and he cannot disappoint these expectations tanjiro doesn’t know what to say to

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tomioka until something comes to his mind and he asks somyoga if whatsabito entrusted to him isn’t what keeps them connected tanjiro’s words remind tomioka of the day when Sabi don’t told him that he

should never claim that it would have been better if he had died sabito explains that tomioka’s sister had gone to Great Lengths to protect him and continuing with this kind of thinking was disrespectful to her tomioka tries to understand why he forgot such an important conversation and then he remembers that he didn’t want to


remember that conversation because in the past when he remembered it he couldn’t stop crying upon realizing that tomioka is crestfallen and immobile kanjiro begins to get worried and has an idea to cheer him up he decides to propose a competition to see who can eat more food hoping this will lift tomioka’s

Spirits just as tomioka starts to mention that he’s going to start training panjito interrupts him and challenges him to a competition to see who can eat the most cold soba omiyoga is surprised by tanjido’s request but

ends up accepting the challenge as well as committing to participate in the pillar training if you’d like part two of this video narrating more events that will take place in Demon Slayer season 4. let me know in the comments and also subscribe to the channel and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss any new content posted here

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