ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

gather around boys and girls if you look at the clock right now it is approximately epic anime explanation time serpent breathing is one of the many breathing styles in the popular anime and manga of demon slayer

what is the power of stone hashira ?

it is labeled as a derivative breath style of water breathing which then of course falls under sun breathing and its only user is obani iguro the serpentashira but through serpent breathing’s movements techniques and abilities it resembles snakes specifically their slick slithers and quick bites with all the known

Introduction to Serpent Hasira Breathing

techniques involving swift twisting and bending of the user’s body and sword to attack their opponents in a slithery manner a lot of slithers going on while performing the forms of this breath style though the user

ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

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visualizes themselves creating and manipulating serpents to resemble their attacks but believe it or not these serpents that appear in the manga are all visual effect and not actually there in case you didn’t know this dude isn’t actually using insomni jutsu for these snakes he’s not a rochimaru also a cool unique

Snake 5 Roundable

detail about this style is that obani igura wields a special sword which looks very similar to an indonesian crease sword as well as resembling a snake structure and this blade further enhances obani’s snake breathing because of its twisted mold but now let’s move on to the best part of the video the forms of snake breathing there are five known forms to the style so let’s go over them the first form is called winding serpent slash which is where albany relays several twisting slithery strikes head on at his opponent the

ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

second form is venom veins of the narrow head which is where obani dashes behind his target to attack with a slash of the sword and as you can probably already tell this isn’t the most complicated stuff right here with this form literally just being a movement behind the enemy to then attack them and the first one is just

ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

multiple slashes so it’s not the most difficult type of stuff but nonetheless they’re still the techniques that they perform and these guys are only human still just slightly enhanced humans but the third form is

More Features of Breathing

called coil choke which is a bit more interesting with obani circling all around his opponents while simultaneously slashing to resemble a coiling snake which this one is pretty cool i’ll give props to this one it has some cool imagery of like the coiling snake i like this but next is the fourth form which is called twin headed reptile which is a leap forward that the user takes to then deliver a momentum-filled horizontal slash and the last and fifth form is called slithering serpent which is where obani curves his body and sword

ObanaI Iguro full Power Explained| Serpent Breathing Explained

in a way that he can maneuver around his opponents to strike multiple enemies at the same time and with that said that is all you need to know about serpent breathing thank you all very much for watching and don’t forget to drop a like if you did enjoy or if you learned anything new in class today but i appreciate all of you if you want to see any more videos here on the screen right now any more demon explained videos this is the channel to expect to see that type of content on and uh yeah i’ll see you guys tomorrow

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