tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

one of the fights with the highest stakes in demon slayer comets in oyaba is between tanjiro gyu and akaza as tanjoro and q make their way through the infinity castle doors open into floors and ceilings shake around them the castle is alive and realizes the best way to kill them is to split them up but just as the two focus on being together to reach muzon and stop him a crow appears and shouts that shinobu kocho the insect ashira has been killed this completely throws tandro’s mind off balance tears streaming down his face

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

Tanjiro vs. Akaza: The Epic Battle

you though shocked still has the presence of mind to notice the talisman paper thingy on the crow’s head wondering what its uses just then the young ubuyashiki successor is shown frantically analyzing the situation while sending out orders to the members of the demonstrator corps he and his surviving family two sisters koina and kanata also wear the saint talisman receiving a view of the battlefield and providing insight into the situation although the successor named kirya is only 8 years old and has just lost most


of his family due to muzon’s appearance his mind is dedicated to the battle and to keeping the hashira and demon slayers alive long enough to end muzon once and for all he does not cry he won’t even let a single tear fall not until this is over the paper talisman that the three children wear has the effect of sharing yushiro’s vision from the crows flying around the battlefield to the person who has it attached to their head they’re called the eyes and kirya wants to make sure the crows get as many to the fighters as

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

Giyu Tomioka Enters the Fray

they can back to tantra and you they worry that the others are already risking their lives and they have yet to encounter one of the upper ranked demons and as if spoken into being a veiny fist breaks through the wall above floor after floor after floor above their heads you and tanjore have no idea what is happening besides a rattling of the building itself almost like an earthquake making its way towards them mind still reeling from shinobu’s death frantically panics wondering if this is someone fighting someone else about to

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

die and you has a shout to calm his worrying but the one thing that will never betray tanjuro is his sense of smell and that warns him of an incoming demon at the same time that yu orders him to move out of the way and with a loud crash and nearly breaking the floor they’re standing on akaza lands in front of them with the wood that akasa had broken still flying in all directions he greets tantro with a sick smile surprised he hasn’t been killed yet considering his abilities that is when he met him during

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight

the fight with ringoku akasa tightening his muscles dashes towards hondro in a flash with andrea roaring out his name in remembrance of what he did during that time as well tantro does not wait a moment immediately activating a fire wheel with his sun breathing technique as akaza’s fist flies towards him the attack sends tandro into the air flipping over his head and safely out of harm’s way at the same time tandro tries to slice through akka’s arm knowing if he can’t do that then there is no chance

Akaza’s Strength

of him beheading the demon you watches with intensity akasa almost unbelieving himself as tanjiro cussy limb from akus’s body with a fierce shout relief this move was a success tandro plants his next attack but akasa is already there all healed up his fist inches from tantra’s face ready to strike before tandro can even finish his thought thankfully tandro uses maksun rainbow and dodges the attack to akasa shock ending up behind the demon again as akasa realizes his attack missed the slayer he turns around and a deep slash

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

opens across his face another victory for tanjiro all you can do is wait for his chance to move in standing in awe of tandro’s amazing advancement in breathing techniques even comparing him to a shira level at this point the comparison of this strong relentless slayer versus how goo first met him groveling in the snow is beyond night and day you can tell even from just those two techniques the tandro will not die or lose anything to this demon and almost as if reading q’s thoughts akuza announces he agrees with how kyojo

The Turning Point

ringoku had described hundred in the past he is strong and he acknowledges that now he respects him even for getting to this level but that also means akaza will no longer hold back with a stance having no openings the demon unleashes his blood demon art a wave of power surrounding his body and forming a compass on the ground beneath him akuza smiles with the realization of how fun this fight will be sensing the battle has switched gears ju lets off his first water breathing technique flowering dance you glides around the

Clashes and Strategies

room with unmatched elegance and ease forming circles of water around him and dodging each and every attack this both excites and impresses akuza who cheerfully announces that it has been years since he has last fought a water ashira akazo wastes no time in answering the attack with one of his own destructive death chaotic type an explosion of power shoots from his fist creating a wall that can barely be seen through you ignores the demon and instead uses his 11th form dead calm forcing the chaos to dissipate in a

fraction of a second and go around him with that display of mastery akaza brightens up even more having never witnessed such an attack from the water ashira he killed tandro does not let that moment of distraction pass him as he leaps in and uses hinokamikagura’s raging sun the technique creates a circle of fire and heat but akaza is nowhere to be seen instead once again appearing behind tandro with the clear intent of striking his head from his shoulders before the demon can land the attack with his hand sharp like a blade

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight

tandro unleashes mock sun aiming to stop the momentum in time gyu joins in with waterwheel a moved hondro has used in the past as well both of them severing akaza’s arm successfully not that it lasts with aku’s outrageous regenerative capabilities but then the real fight begins with you struggling to keep akaza back tandro aims for akusa’s legs to make him lose balance with flame dance but akaza aware of this plan switches to his leg techniques and launches tandro smoothly into the air with a kick named tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025


crown splitter having blocked most of the effect of his sword tandro is able to survive but blood still bursts from his nose by just being grazed by it yu jumps in front to give tandra a moment to recover swinging his sword effectively and with enough grace to be praised by akuza akuza demands to know goo’s name but you refuses to both give his name and to speak because he does not like talking akuza laughs admitting that he will just keep asking his name then unleashing another destructive death leg move this time he uses

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight 2025

explosive flurry which is so fast so many kicks at once that q gets launched into the air breaking through a number of walls as he flies backwards worrying for his comrade tandra screams out for him as akuza appears very much pleased after finally learning the water ashira’s name with not a moment to lose tandro prepares a technique and akuza prepares a counter one burning bones summer sun and eight layer demon core unleash at the very same time the timing thankfully helps tandro avoid being thrown too far back sliding across the

tanjiro vs akaza and giyu tomioka full fight

floor with the intensity of the techniques akasa really can’t help but be impressed by how much hundred has improved in such a short span of time even thanking kyojiro for having a hand in his growth akasa cracks his fingers smiling contentedly at tanjuro as the slayer tries to catch his breath then when akuza admits that this would not been possible without kyogre’s death and how worthless his values were compared to the opportunity of becoming the strongest demon conjuro freezes all his panting stops his eyes unblinking a

Giyu Tomioka Enters the Fray

flash of kyoto comes to mind and his gaze turns more monstrous than some of the demons he has fought in the past with that tandra threatens akuza to stop talking of kyodro not to say another word about his dear friend akuza doesn’t understand the problem when he simply dislikes weaklings and is praising kyogre for getting tanjo to this point as akuza goes on to compare weak people to weeds that need to be taken out by nature tanjo counters with the fact that akuza 2 was once weak and in need of protection and help from others tanjo

declares this will be the end of akuza and his flawed way of thinking and for some reason this makes aku’s a tense and clench his fist the veins practically bursting out of his skin with the focus shifted to aku’s thoughts we discovered that instinctively akasa has no tolerance for tanjo realizing it no longer has to do with him being a weakling as he’s clearly demonstrated his massive growth as a demon slayer akuza continues to be irritated and annoyed by his very existence something about him scratches that akasa in the

Akaza’s Defiance

wrong way pushing into a frustration that others have not before a warm hand prices to aku’s shoulder echoing the words that tandro has just spoken to him the unknown man continues with his advice saying that aku’s true opponent is himself and he should strive to surpass his self he was yesterday with that behavior akuza would be able to help others easily in only a few years akasa already on the edge from the words aims to strike the man’s head but it’s nothing but the air the man is not there

Giyu’s Skills and Techniques

anymore this sudden display startles tandro who wonders why a fighter with such pinpoint accuracy such as akuza would be hitting an empty space but because akasa has been reminded of unpleasant memories from his past this fuels his previous annoyance and turns into a boiling fury akasa launches himself across his space using his ten thousand leaves flashing willow technique all to block out the thoughts of his past and keep living in the now each blow is powerful and so fast that tanjo can barely dodge none of these

strikes losing any of their power nor missing their mark with sweat beating down tantros face he tries to hold his ground knowing that something has changed then akaza is right up in his face switching to his legs which hold even more power he attacks his flying planet thousand wheels standing on one leg as the other swirls and slices through the air with unmatched strength and prowess even though tantra can block the attacks and even tell where the hits are coming from the intensity of this technique is too much for him to avoid

Impact on the Battle

being damaged tanjo chokes out some blood realizing it’s as if akus’s power stems from a magnet drawing him to tandro’s vital spots as handro needs a moment to figure out what makes akuza’s attack so hard to avoid he calls out solar heat haze to create both some distance and a screen to prevent akuza from seeing the way his sword warps with the flames with all his speed and experience aku’s neck still gets sliced with this move the demon had been looking very closely at the blade but even he couldn’t comprehend what

happened in that moment he thought it had somehow elongated from within the haze the fight is set aside for a moment as young senjiro rengoku is shown praying for his father entendro survival in this life or death fight with muzan in the past his father shinjuro had destroyed the history of the sun breathing techniques that tandro was meant to read but syndro had uncovered some information he sends a crow to give him the newfound writings however the letter is still in the crow’s possession with no chance of tandro reading it

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