First Demon

story of yorichi sugikuni the first breathing style user and the strongest demon slayer ever yorichi and his twin brother michikatsu were born into the tsugikuni clan within the middle of the sengoku period a time when twins were considered to be an extremely bad omen yurichi in particular was born with an odd birthmark on his forehead which caused his father to declare that he would kill him however their mother flew into a rage and stopped him it was eventually agreed upon that yorichi


The Origin of Muzan

would be sent to a temple to become a monk when he turned years old despite their father’s belief that the mark was bad luck it actually granted yurichi incredible physical prowess and the ability to see the bodies of living things in transparency yurichi grew up very differently from michikatsu being given much poorer food and education than his brother and confined to a small three-tatami room away from the rest of the house he never spoke and was thought to be deaf as a result his mother subsequently made him hanafu do charm

The Rise of the Slayer

earrings in the hopes the gods would bless him with the ability to speak he also was frequently seen clutching his mother’s side because of this michikatsu found him pitiful still his brother often snuck behind their father’s back to see yurichi even giving him a handmade flute as a gift to comfort him one day when he was seven yarichi smiled and spoke for the first time declaring his intent to become a samurai like his brother after watching mijikatsu practice sword swings startling him however michikatsu was dismissive of

The Battle Begins

this sentiment as it was well known that yurichi would be sent to the temple when he turns still one of their father’s men tasked with training mijikatsu decided to humor yurichi showing him a simple stance unexpectedly the young boy flew into action after assuming the stance landing four blows against the man and shocking his brother who despite his training had never landed one however yurichi couldn’t stand the feeling of hitting someone and renounced his goal to become a samurai michikatsu often asked him about how he managed to


hit the man and he described what was likely an early form of a breathing style rather than talk about the sword and training he happily told mijikatsu he would rather fly kites with him instead when their mother passed away from her illness yorichi went to michikatsu’s room at night to tell his brother the news and bid him farewell planning to leave for the temple that night he expressed gratitude towards his brother stating that he would always keep him in mind and finally tucked away the flute michikatsu had made for him earlier it

Fighting Battled

was later revealed to michikatsu through their mother’s diary that yurichi had known everything about their mother’s illness how it weakened her left side and yurichi’s frequent attempts to support her and help her move around it was also revealed that yurichi knew his father would make him his heir and send mijikatsu to the temple due to his newfound sword skills because of this yurichi ran away from the house before this could happen despite this kind act michikatsu developed an intense hatred


and envy of yurichi for continuing to surpass him in everything and continually showing gratitude to gain seemingly nothing after running straight for one day and one night without any sign of exhaustion into the mountains yurichi met a girl around the same age named utta whose entire family had died yorichi chose to live with her and after years uttan yurichi had married the former becoming pregnant later just before the expected arrival girichi left home to summon a midwife promising his wife to be back before the sunset on his

Victory and Aftermath

way urichi had helped an old man and lost so much time that he decided to return home and summon a midwife the next day by then the sun had already set when he finally arrived home he found that utta and the unborn child were killed by a demon the tragedy shocked jorichi so much that he held her corpse in his arms for days straight and only buried them after a pursuing demon slayer encouraged him to do so this led yurichi to pick up his blade again and train as a demon slayer aided by his demon slayer mark and innate talent for


swordsmanship yurichi proved to be an incredibly powerful demon slayer he reunites with michikatsu after the latter’s samurai encampment was slaughtered by a demon and he was left the sole survivor yurichi killed the creature effortlessly and apologized for the deaths of his brother’s comrades aided by his breathing technique later named sun breathing and wanting to help others yurichi tried to teach it to the other demon slayers however no one could match his form exactly undaunted he modified the breathing techniques to

Power of michikatsu

suit their strengths allowing them to gain a similar increase in power and abilities to help them hunt demons the variations he created formed the first water wind flame stone and thunder breathing techniques and the best of these demon slayers became known as the hashira michikatsu himself tried and failed to learn sun breathing instead creating his own style he named moon breathing soon yorichi encounters muzan kibutsuji the progenitor demon and mortal enemy of the demon slayers accompanied by tamayo upon meeting him

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urichi felt his rampant malicious intent liking it to boiling magma from a volcano ready to consume everything it was then he reasoned he was born with the skills and talent to defeat muzon once and for all muzon stated that he had lost interest in swordsmen who employ breathing techniques and performed long sweeps of his arms to outright kill yurichi he dodged them but instantly realized any of those attacks would be fatal and felt fear for the first time seeing into the transparent world yurichi discerned muzon had seven

hearts and five brains that changed position within his body seeing his chance he combined all his forms into a single attack cutting through them all and overpowering muzon completely muzon was left in disbelief at his inability to regenerate while struggling to keep his head attached yoricci asked him what he felt was the value of life but didn’t receive an answer instead he turned to tamayo but was surprised to see her looking at her master’s dismembered body with a hopeful gleam in her eyes moving

Tactics and Strategies

to kill him once and for all yurichi instead heard the sound of teeth cracking as muzon’s body burst into hundreds of small pieces caught off guard he was only able to destroy of the pieces leaving the rest to escape from muzan to regenerate again in spite of yorichi’s failure to kill him muzon never forgot the encounter and remained fearful of yurichi for the rest of his life tamayo was on the verge of tears as she realized muzon learned how to avoid death by decapitation cursing the survival of the man that ruined her


life upon realizing that kibutsuji curse failed due to muzon being weakened so much tamayo was surprised yurichi approaches her and she told him everything he needed to know about muzon and it was unlikely he would ever meet him again as thanks for her aid he let her go free soon after this several demon slayers

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came to report to yurichi that his brother had betrayed the organization and become a demon yorichi took responsibility for michikatsu’s betrayal his inability to kill muzon and letting tamayo escape the other demon

slayers demanded he kill himself as penance but the newly appointed oyakata prevented him from doing so allowing him to leave in banishment after his banishment yaricci decided he had much on his mind and wanted someone to talk to he could only picture his friends sumiyoshi and suyako and decided to visit them he meets sumiyoshi sat down with him and told him his entire story from the beginning to his banishment from the demon slayers reminded of his tragedies and speaking of his regret at letting muzan live and

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the countless deaths that would follow yorichi grew despondent sumir arrives at that moment to ask for a hug at sumiyoshi’s request he lifts her up making her laugh and squeal with joy causing him to break down in tears and embrace her suyaku arrived shortly after to comfort him and treat yorichi to a meal and cheer him up while with the kamados yorichi would be asked to perform the sun breathing’s forms he kindly did so performing all the moves with such grace he was likened more like a spirit than a human sumiyoshi would

watch this demonstration intently and keep them in his memories on his last night despite being told he was welcome at any time yorichi gave sumiyoshi his own hanafuda earrings sumiyoshi and suyako realized that this was going to be the last time he will ever see them overcome with emotion sumi yoshi called out to urichi as he walked away calling him to stop he reminded that he saved them and he voiced his promise to preserve the sun breathing’s forms through his descendants hearing this yurichi turns and smiles brightly

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thanking the commodores and waving them farewell despite the apparently limited lifespan of years suffered by those who bore the demon slayer mark yaricci lived till his s but eventually went blind as he continued slaying demons on the last day of his life he would personally confront michikatsu now known as kokushibo and muzan’s strongest lieutenant as upper rank of kizuki devastated at what his brother had become he cried and kokushibo could only show disgust that his younger brother was old but still alive despite having

Who is the most Power full in demon slayer

the mark in spite of his love for him yorichi knew he had to kill him and prepared to strike kokushibo’s disgust turned to fear upon seeing that yoricci still was the same capable and powerful warrior from before he told his brother when he was to attack and soon struck slicing through his neck without kokushibo able to even draw his blade angered at being surpassed again kokoshibo waited for the next attack unfortunately it never came yorichi passes from old age untouched angered that his one chance at a fair battle is

gone and the man who nearly killed muzon and him is now dead

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