when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4,

the Hashira Training Arc, is set on May 12, 2024

The official release date of Deem Layer Season Four has come in front of us. Here is a different thing: many people have a lot of questions regarding the release date, which I will discuss in the next video, plus this is the trailer, this is the final trailer. There are many things revealed in it and along with this,
when is demon slayer season 4 coming out
there is a discussion about season four inside the video, and on top of that, the premiere of Demon is going on in theaters, I hope you guys have already seen it, let’s talk about it. Let’s start the conversation.
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 Go Regional Story Most Like Mujan Will Send Hi Deem Ok Meaning There is a conversation going on about Muzen, and whose voice is it? Is it Nezu’s voice or not? Is it not Nezuko’s voice? Basically, butt? Or are we being told? Muzen can come here at any time to take away Naz. Now the person behind this.

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

Region, I hope you all know that Nezuko is immune to the sun. Muzen came to know about it, which Muzen was doing research for a long time, so now we know about Nezuko, or he is about to come, okay, cuttable next. Everyone is feeling very calm and together. All of them are feeling like this. Everyone is respected very much.

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 He is the main leader and the strongest person here, but all the people are silent. But he is silent in his mind. This is not normal at all brother, and I want to know which is your favorite comment. Please tell all the people, ok, that basic ng aa is being started and who has ordered it.

I have proposed this training, and here, people who know about it should tell those people who are trained in RK. It is not only for two kids, neither with their brother nor with them, it is working on those who are also trained. Those who are non-manga readers like training, they think that this is training to

become a master, which is very wrong, here the master will train, plus will get it done, okay, who has the blame? Zero’s training is going on here, all the people are training, hey. Brother, looking at each one’s

Tanjiro Vs Jinetsu

 face, it seems that all of them are gone, brother. Okay, finally here we are. Oh my God, we have seen all three of them together, after so much time, after two years, and I am with these people. I forgot the name, Hina Suri, Matsuri, and it was something like that. If I am not Rang and my brother, I really forget that these people are cooking, this is their job, at present, I was preparing food for all the students.

 We all came to know but I have already told you, but if anyone remembers, then please tell me brother and she is my favorite here, it felt good to see all three of them together after a long time, we had forgotten it, okay here’s the noob here. So Misery Over Nimi Ruga To Mayo ‘s Okay That’s

The Moment Brother That’s The Moment You guys are going to have a lot of fun in this moment especially for Gayo Tomio’s fan because this is the season for this we finally know That’s going to be the back story of Gayo Tomio,

we will get a glimpse of it a little bit and if you are a fan of Gayo Tom or This One is for you, unfortunately, they will just cover the Hash Training arc, as much as is being heard, there There is no fight with this side, there is a little or lack of it, this season is having a lot of milk, why is the devil slur wala, these guys cook a lot of nerves, where is it okay, it’s the moment, it’s the moment brother, which you guys, And what we saw before this is Oba Nai’s snake breathing and this moment, already

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

 you guys have watched it inside the premiere, it seems like there are a lot of such moments. That these people are adding extras that are not within the manga, it becomes clear only after watching the trailer. Okay, I am crying as usual but the strength within it is there, brother, you guys are not ready for the final season, brother. Trust.

 Me you are not ready ok Naz Bhai Nazro I have become fat or am I facing a problem I don’t know you guys are not looking like this Ro have become much more muscular than before or am I just feeling I am confused but this What really happened is that he is looking very muscular, look brother, look at his shoulders, look at his brother, look at his mangoes,

brother, really, he started going to the gym, brother, he has become very fat, he has grown big, a ridge has appeared in front of us, and this trailer has been going on for so long. I think so it is not ahead, it is not coming, it

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

 is not coming, okay basically this is the trailer, this is the official trailer for season four and here we have the release date which is in May, which means it is going on in March and then in April. After two months, many people will be talking about why brother will come so late, there is a reason behind it, let’s talk

about it a little, now here is a fact that no dim-layer fan will be able to ignore and the fact is Dimus layer people milk their show too much, you all know this, come on man, within this season, man, we did

 Not need any premiere, but still, they put the premiere, which was too much, you know, boring, kind of. Many people are complaining about this on the internet, and this is a premiere, it should run for a long time and people should watch it for a long time and spend money for it. Its release date has been kept very late because if it is in April.

(06:00) When it comes, people say that let’s wait, it’s a matter of one month, then we will go and sit comfortably at home and see, but no, they took the time of two months, in fact I am going to say three months because of this in February. Brother, if the premiere was held in March-April, then within three months there would be a lot of earnings for Demon Slayer people.

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

If we look at the end, then this is the kind of business that perhaps you guys also understand. Come on, everyone knows, so I will say that this is the premiere being held. This is the reason why Demon Slayer Season Four will come so late and this much I know that they are going to drop another trailer i.e.

after a month or 15 days before this is the habit of Demon Slayer people this much I know Hey brother, we have discussed about the release date, we have seen the trailer and one thing about the trailer maybe you guys didn’t notice or I didn’t know but there is no fight moment, that means you guys understand.

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

We are not going to see any fighting in this season, this is going to be a very rum com season or we can say a slice of lie, here we will just train the students from the audience and for many people. This season can also be very boring, yes, this is a different thing here, they will put a lot of original clips which are not even in the manga,

we can call these original clips instead of calling them fillers because of the main story. There is no impact inside it, zero impact brother, here you can do demure work, this hostel training arc should have been made into a movie so that people can finish it after watching it in the theater, after that we will go directly to Infinity Castle. See, it doesn’t end but it is

shown season wise, gain business, you know, you know so much, friend, come on because here, what is the length of Hash Training R? Five to seven episodes are the highest, I am speaking in the true sense, because the first episode itself is of one hour, almost let’s go.

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

Let’s assume only 40 minutes, and the length of the Mogan Train movie that we gave two-three years ago was 2 hours and it was converted into the next year’s episode and shown to us and there were a total of seven. If we look at the episodes from here,

there are going to be six to seven episodes but with the addition of original scenes in Hashir Training Arts, it is going to be 12 episodes and the original scenes will be there, mostly you guys are going to watch Hash Ras which is good.

The news is because Hashir is the best or Hashir will be shown because in the beginning we were shown some moments of Sanim NOI which were not in the manga which was liked by all the people, so from this side. This is a plus point, brother plus, here I would like to tell you one thing, this is the Hashir training arc,

this is the last arc where you guys are going to see the enjoyment, so I would say that if you are enjoying it, then enjoy it well because of this arc. Everything that is going to happen after this, everything is going to

go against you, brother, this is the moment that I am seeing, you are going to miss it a lot, brother, really, not much more than this, really, you are going to miss all of them. Bro, because of this, perhaps these people decided to keep a separate season on Haash Raj, you know, the audience will create a different bond with him and after that, there will be a lot of things that you will miss, now I I am not telling anything, I will not spoil anything by telling.

when is demon slayer season 4 coming out

Manga readers know what I am trying to say. How would it have been if it was like scene two of JJ. In the first, we were shown the back story like you know about Gojo. And covered one arc of Toji Shiro. Similarly, if you had covered the Hash Tanning arc, then like shown the Shibuya arc inside the juice cushion, here also you could have shown Infinity Kaise Lar.

This I think sounds better but let’s go for now. There is no chance of this happening and on top of that everything has come in front of us and there is not a single fight moment here which is even a little bit disheartening. Give your honest opinion, please comment. If you are watching the video till now, then like and subscribe. Thank you.

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