Who is Tanjiro’s girlfriend in Demon Slayer

Kanao and Tanjiro

Demon Slayer another favorite couple is zenitsu and nezuko so if you want to see that to destroy that like button and let me know in the comments Connor debuts as early as chapter 6.

Who is Tanjiro's girlfriend?

believe it or not during the final selection exam we just see her gentle smile and don’t spend much time with her but like zaito and genya she was singled out foreshadowing her future importance in the story

she was one of the almost 20 participants and one of the five to actually survive so it wasn’t really love at first sight here since Carmel was just in the background as Tundra was carrying out his goal and trying to help his sister let’s fast forward now to the natagumo mountain Arc at this point she


she chases down nazuko a part of her thinks it’s weird that nezuko is just running and not attacking but another part of her says and I quote just kill demons like I was taught end quote at this point she is clearly not allowing herself to think for herself rather just following orders luckily the crows let kanal know that

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nezuko is to be captured rather than killed and then she can proceed with those new instructions so yeah not a conventional start to a romance imagine a girl knocked you out with a kick and tried to kill your

Who is Tanjiro’s girlfriend in Demon Slayer

sister still arguably Canal was just doing what the majority of demon Slayers would do following orders and trying to eliminate demons at the butterfly Mansion things really begin to change while the kakushi

Who is the most Power full in demon slayer

are carrying tanjura there they see canal and tanjiro stares at her as if it’s the first time he truly saw her as she smiles surrounded by butterflies it’s explained to Tanja that she’s a tsuguko a Demon Slayer who’s being trained by a hashira only the most talented and highly skilled Fighters get selected so she’s very

Who is Tanjiro's girlfriend?

impressive tanjura thinks that he saw her at final selection but he didn’t notice that she stepped on him last night hilariously enough while the kakushi asked if they can enter Kano Just Smiles vacantly not

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Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

saying anything aoi then intercepts them and leads them away but interestingly enough Tundra stares back looking at kanal clearly showing his interest in this weird quiet girl who could kick his butt the Butterfly Girls including Kano and owie help with the training of our Three Amigos namely tanjiro inosuke and zamitu

Who is Tanjiro’s girlfriend in Demon Slayer

Tundra being more straight laced doesn’t make a big deal of this fact while zanitsu freaks out when he finds out saying the girls have nice chests great butts and strong thighs Tundra does his best not to give in to such thoughts since as he says he thinks it’s bad to train with such impure motivations Connell was

on another level and continually beat the three demon slaying Amigos in the game of tag and in the cup throwing game they marveled at her abilities and how even though she joined at the same time as them she was so much

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