Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

Engaging Storyline

Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

and whoever hadn’t heard of the anime before definitely had now demon slayer came straight out of left field season 1 maintained a solid 8.7 average rating per episode the highest rated episode hinokami coming in at 9.8 its season finale left everyone in the collective audience in baited breath waiting for the

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 1 Explain

sequel and boy did it deliver in a big way for 19 years hayao miyazaki’s spirited away was the highest grossing movie in japan it seemed like nothing could topple it not avengers not titanic not frozen

Unique Concept:

anime really shines and this is the episode that exploded on twitter it currently has an imdb rating of 9.8 and sets itself firmly at spot number 78 of the highest rated tv show episodes according to imdb this is

More Information

like the hero episode of demon slayer and it’s none other than tanjiro versus rui tanjiro is down and out exhausted his sword is broken nezo is about to be killed by the big bad guy and in one moment of clarity the shonen anime protagonist has a flashback and whenever that happens you know the bad guy

Well-developed Characters:

Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

is screwed tanjiro remembers his love for his family and his love for nezuko then the outro music starts playing reaching inward to harness the very last bit of energy left in his body he makes a mad dash towards the enemy for one desperate final attack he ignores the intense pain of the barrage of attacks

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 2-3 Explained

that rui sends his way with only a broken sword he strikes the edge of his blade against ruby’s neck and together with nezuko’s help the blade penetrates and slices through there’s so much to unpack here and

Stunning Animation

honestly i could talk for hours about this fight but i want to focus on one thing especially the beautiful animation throughout this entire anime but especially the fights the gorgeous swordplay combined with

Why Demon Slayer is so popular?

each character’s unique abilities makes every fight fresh distinct and quite honestly breathtaking add to that the great sound design and each strike packs even more of a punch kanjiro’s waves zenutsu’s lightning and shinobu’s insects it’s just to point out a few all of these factors come together to produce

Cultural Impact:

that demon slayer was relatively unknown until recently it’s been around since 2016 but only in late 2019 did it really get popular and it really only became popular through word of mouth it was a slow burn that culminated in a pop culture sensation just how big of a sensation you might ask well it was the highest selling manga in 2019 and 2020.

Strong Themes:

it beat out one piece at the top spot the number one spot that has been consistently held by one piece nearly every year since the year 2000 with the exception of death note in 2006. in terms of sales the franchise has garnered nearly 4 billion in revenue putting itself on the list of one of the best selling

Timing and Marketing

franchises of all time right below the song of ice and fire series fate and zelda and even outselling long-standing franchises such as terminator james cameron’s avatar godzilla and dragon quest and remember all we have so far is the

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